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    Memivi is an idea proposed by a group of entrepreneurs who are committed to bringing more knowledge to people. Providing knowledge where society needs it most. Our group’s specialists are committed to transmitting to us all the knowledge acquired in recent years.
    Financial markets are chaotic. Maybe it was intentional. Finding all the detailed information about a credit card is an almost impossible task. Not to mention that only an expert can fully understand a bank account or loan agreement.
    ICEBERG NEGÓCIOS DIGITAIS LTDA Registered with CNPJ: 39.951.015/0001-70 is part of a group of digital companies that brings together different brands. We combine content production with performance marketing and programming technology. Putting into practice the experience we have acquired throughout our journey, we have created a unique method that combines practicality, technology and innovation in a single organization to bring our users the best of the three worlds and provide the best experience.


    The Memivi culture

    We are a group of restless people, passionate about innovation, marketing and the digital world. We believe that things can always be done in a smarter, more creative and disruptive way. We are already the largest marketplace for financial products in Brazil and we still want to grow even more.

    Common questions

    1 – What is Memivi?
    Memivi is an informative blog that presents content (Infoproducts) on various topics, in various sectors, including: financial, investment and social. Born from the analysis of the Brazilian market, carried out by a group of businessmen, it was concluded that part of the population has little or no information about these topics or products. Learn more “About Memivi”.

    2 – Is Memivi safe?
    Yes. Memivi adopts the Global Guidelines on Information Security Management and the main technologies, which include, but are not limited to: firewalls, cryptography and antivirus software, to promote a safe and fluid environment during your navigation

    3 – Is the site (blog) Memivi reliable?
    Yes. Memivi has been active and working incessantly for about 03 (three) years, in addition, our domain ( is one of the most popular in the Google search engine. Therefore, we adopt the main technologies (encryption, SSL and HTTPS) to prevent user information and data from being “leaked” or “hacked” during navigation. See more information in our “Privacy Policy”. (Privacy Policy Link)

    4 – Does Memivi make a proposal or release of credit? For example: credit card, loan or bank account? (Suggestion)
    Memivi does not offer credit approval or release of any nature, be it for credit cards, bank accounts (digital or physical), loans, financing or consortiums. These services will always be offered by financial institutions – Banks or Fintechs, Credit Unions or Finance, but never by Memivi.

    5 – How can I track the “status” of my credit card application?
    Well, this will depend on the type of institution you choose to hire; Bank, Credit Cooperative or Financial, physical or digital. For example: If you choose to hire a credit card from a digital bank, you will certainly be able to follow the proposal through the bank’s App or website. However, if you opt for the traditional way, physical means, it will depend on each institution. Therefore, you should always “check” on the institution’s website, telephone or e-mail how to accompany your proposal.

    6 – Does Memivi accompany the request for credit release? That is, credit card, loan or financing?
    No. Memivi has no influence, responsibility or connection in the request, request or release of credit, the responsibility is exclusive of the user, since you are free to choose which company to hire.

    7 – Is it necessary to be registered on our Blog to apply for a credit card online?
    No. You do not need to register with Memivi to apply for a credit card. But it is worth noting that the application process is done differently in each financial institution. And it may be necessary to register on the website or application of the Bank, Credit Union or Financial institution before applying for the credit card online.

    8 – My online credit proposal is not on the bank responsible for the card/loan or financing I chose. What to do?
    The first step, before filling out the proposal, is to carefully read the application requirements of each institution. If you are eligible to apply, check that you have correctly filled out the credit application, then confirm that you have submitted your proposal once completed. However, if your proposal is still not included in the financial institution (Bank, Cooperative or Credit Financial) it is important to get in touch with them and check if there is any problem in sending the proposal. Whether by phone, email, relationship center or app.

    9 – I cannot complete filling in my data to apply for credit: loan, financing or credit card. What to do?
    This is simple to solve with a few steps:
    1st In the online proposal, check that you are on the correct page or application, before providing any data. If it is not in the correct space, exit the page and do not enter any data.
    2nd If you are on the correct application or website, close the navigation and, a few minutes later, come back and try again.
    3rd If after returning you are unable to complete the form correctly, you can contact the institution (Bank, Credit Union or Financial) and report the problem.

    10 – How do I know if my proposal was successfully completed?
    Oh! This is quite simple, but it depends on each financial institution, because each one chooses a different way of informing. It could be a thank you, for example; “Thanks! We have received your proposal. Now it’s time to wait.” or sometimes a request, for example; “Okay, now you can close the page and follow your request through the application.”.

    11 – What are the main reasons for rejecting a credit application: loan, financing or credit card?
    There are several factors that influence companies when releasing credit: loans, financing or credit card. However, depending on the type of request, the most common are:
    1st Completing the proposal – that is, incorrect, incomplete or missing data; and,
    2nd Failure to meet the application requirements – that is, age, income, score, credit restriction, account, among others.

    12 – Do I need to have an account at the same bank to apply for credit: loan, financing or credit card?
    It depends. It is not a financial market rule, but some companies do require that the customer has a bank account at the Institution to offer and approve the requested credit. However, there are banks, credit unions and finance companies that do not need an account to apply. Therefore, pay close attention to the application requirements before applying for credit.

    13 – Who defines the limit of my credit card?
    Well, the credit card limit is defined exclusively by Financial Institution; Bank (physical or digital), credit cooperatives or finance companies, each company has its own credit policy, which can assess from customer loyalty to credit history.

    14 – Can I pay for purchases in installments with my prepaid card?
    Despite being an excellent option for those who want to control their finances, the prepaid card, unfortunately, does not allow the payment of purchases in installments. Therefore, there is no invoice for payment.

    15 – Can we have access to your data?
    Yes. Memivi can access your data when you provide or authorize the collection, however, we do not access financial data. See what data we request or access in the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use”