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The GenialCard 

Consider GenialCard for its transparent fee structure and personalized customer service, ensuring a hassle-free banking experience tailored to your needs.

5% travel bonus No annual fee
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Using the Hanseatic Bank GenialCard, whether as an additional card, backup, or a fresh credit card choice, is a wise financial move, enabling users to effortlessly save money.

By leveraging the bank’s cashback offers, cardholders can easily recoup funds from their online shopping or travel expenses, thereby enhancing the card’s overall value proposition. 

Pros & Cons


  • 5% cashback when booking travel through Urlaubsplus GmbH
  • No annual fee
  • Access to cash withdrawals worldwide without fees.
  • Flexibility to choose between partial payment or 100% monthly direct debit
  • Contactless payment capability.
  • Access to exclusive discounts and offers.
  • Free worldwide payments in online shops and stores, including foreign currency transactions


  • GenialCard acceptance may not be available to all applicants.
  • Effective annual interest rate: 18.76% pa
  • Limited physical branches

GenialCard may be ideal for individuals who prioritize transparency, value personalized customer service, and seek a credit card with a straightforward fee structure.

It could also be suitable for those who prefer managing their finances through a convenient mobile app and prioritize security features in their banking products.

Additionally, GenialCard may appeal to individuals who are looking to earn rewards or perks on their everyday spending and appreciate the flexibility offered in terms of payment options and redemption choices.

Thanks to the adjustments made to fees and conditions at the onset of September 2019, GenialCard has cemented its position as one of the premier free credit cards available in Germany, particularly appealing to travel enthusiasts based on credit card comparisons.

Whether you’re in the market for a primary credit card or a reliable backup option, GenialCard proves to be a wise choice, free from any hidden cost traps. Unlike certain other credit cards, there’s no need to concern yourself with meeting specific transaction quotas or turnover requirements when utilizing the card.

The exceptional services resulting from Hanseatic Bank’s revisions to fees and conditions render GenialCard one of the most enticing free credit cards in the German market. It caters to individuals of all backgrounds and is suitable for everyday use, leisure activities, or travel purposes, serving as a holiday bonus without imposing exorbitant foreign currency fees or minimum turnover constraints.

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