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The Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte

The Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte is a secure, convenient, and flexible payment solution that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte
Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte
6% travel bonus Exclusive discounts
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Embark on your journey with confidence and convenience using the Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte. This versatile card offers international acceptance, travel-related benefits, and robust security features, ensuring a seamless and worry-free travel experience wherever your adventures take you.

Pros & Cons


  • 6% cashback when booking travel through Urlaubsplus GmbH
  • Access to cash withdrawals worldwide without fees.
  • Internet buyer protection
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • International travel health insurance
  • Vehicle protection letter in other European countries
  • Travel emergency services with free assistance
  • Cash emergency service
  • Contactless payment capability
  • Flexibility to choose between partial payment or 100% monthly direct debit
  • Access to exclusive discounts and offers
  • Free worldwide payments in online shops and stores, including foreign currency transactions


  • €84 annual fee
  • Current account at the savings bank required
  • Fees and services vary depending on the regional bank
  • Foreign currency fees

The Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte is crafted to meet the needs of diverse individuals who prioritize security, convenience, and flexibility in their financial transactions. This card caters to frequent travelers who seek peace of mind during their journeys, offering international acceptance and travel-related benefits such as travel cancellation cost protection and international health insurance.

Additionally, it appeals to online shoppers by providing added security with its online buyer protection feature, safeguarding purchases made over the internet. For tech-savvy users, the card offers contactless and mobile payment options like Apple Pay, ensuring convenient and secure transactions using smartphones.

Moreover, individuals seeking financial flexibility benefit from the card’s monthly debits feature, allowing them to shop today and pay later, thereby managing expenses and cash flow with ease. Overall, the Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte serves as a versatile financial tool suitable for a wide range of users, offering a host of benefits tailored to their diverse needs and preferences.

We appreciate the Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte for its seamless integration of security, convenience, and flexibility into the banking experience. This card stands out for its robust security features, including online buyer protection and prompt action in case of lost or stolen cards, ensuring peace of mind for cardholders.

Additionally, the card offers unparalleled convenience with its contactless and mobile payment options, making transactions quick and hassle-free, whether at home or abroad. Furthermore, the flexibility of monthly debits allows users to manage their finances on their terms, offering convenience and control over their spending.

Overall, the Sparkasse Visa Gold-Karte is a reliable companion for individuals seeking a secure, convenient, and flexible payment solution for their everyday needs.

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