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The benefits list on the card includes: no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and a low interest rate on purchases and balance transfers.

Citi Custom Cash Card
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The Citibank 18-month Custom Cash Card was introduced to fuel more spending, is designed to help customers withdraw the maximum amount of cash and it is not backed by FDIC insurance against theft. The Citi Custom Cash Card has interest-free early pay and no late fee on all your payments. Should you run into any cash stress while using it, 3% of the card balance is always initially covered by the MasterCard coverage.

The cash back rate on this card can be as high as 5% depending on how you use it. Customers also have a base option to view earn rates and what they could achieve financially with the card. On top of that, there have not been any changes or interruptions with your credit history since its inception in 2014 due to its exclusive credit level.

Citi Mobile App

The Citi Mobile App lets you bank anywhere and anytime. The App not only makes it easy to manage your account information, but also adds convenience with the ability to access other useful features like cash withdrawals and worldwide ATM withdrawals.

If you’ve ever traveled internationally or wanted to save money on purchases overseas, downloading the Citibank Custom Cash Card app natively onto your smartphone is a worthwhile and free way to take advantage of our foreign exchange rates.”

Credit cards have made their way from paper images in the 70’s all the way until today where there still is a paper image that can then be scanned. Credit cards have made huge progress from these paper images, because now you don’t need anything more than an identity card for authentication. Having this same authentication process will make.

The Citibank Custom Cash Card is the “best bank anywhere” account designed to help make remote payments and purchases. You can transfer funds to make purchases or get cash quickly so that you can buy anything local at thousands of stores, including Amazon.

Despite being only accessible by customers in emerging markets, this card is praised for its convenience factor and wide use abroad among other Citi products.

Digital Wallet Citi

Over the past few years, digital technological innovations have led to changes in how we spend–and how we do finances. Digital wallets automate financial tasks and simplify them so that you have more time for what matters more throughout your day. With over a trillion dollars taken out from ATM machines in 2016 alone among other emerging services like peer-to-peer payment services and chatbots; this trend is only going to grow stronger in future.

An on-the-go way to manage your own Citi Cash Cards are digital wallets. After linking your credit or debit card to the mobile app, you can easily gain access to your balance, check the history of all transactions, and safely verify the condition or expiration date of a card offline by scanning it.

$0 Liability on Unauthorized Charges

If you ‘re the victim of identity theft, your CU is there to help provide you with coverage. Unlike most other bank cards, Citi Customer Cash Cards are insured for $0 on loss or theft; and if your card is tied to an account in a fraudulent transaction, you’re not liable for any charges. Citi Child’s card provides credit-monitoring services like employees’ cellphone to remind parents of payments required by their children’s debt and credit cards.

Mastercard ID Theft Protection feature

With the help of the Mastercard ID Theft Protection feature, Citibank users are set to enjoy a card that has theft protection services, worldwide acceptance and reduced fraud risk. Citi Cards for Business and Biz Opps also come with Mastercard special benefits.

Citi cash card offers main benefits – 0% intro APR, balance transfer fee (up to $0 because no interest), direct deposit. Suggested custom card options (% of transaction amount)

– Pottery Barn:      4% up to $500

– Van der Pop: 4% up to $500

– Neiman Marcus: 4% up to $500

Apply Card

Citi Custom Cash Card
Source: Citi Custom Cash Card

Citi Custom Cash Card can be used for grocery shopping, gas, and transit. The card is a good option for people who don’t have the time to spend on managing their spending.

You can apply for the card through your bank account or by filling out an application online. The application process is quick and easy and requires minimal information from you. You also don’t need to have a Citi account in order to apply for the card. Citi Custom Cash Card is a convenient way to save money with everyday purchases that you would typically make with cash or check cards.