Apply to nRewards Secured Credit Card

The Navy Federal nRewards Secured Credit Card is a card aimed to people who wants to build their credit score and also wants a rewards system.

Navy Federal nRewards Secured Credit Card
Source: Navy Federal nRewards Secured Credit Card

With this card you can earn 1 point for every dollar spent with your card, and after you can exchange your points to gift cards, statement credit, merchandize and cash back.

The nRewards Secured Credit Cards has no annual fees, no transfer balance fees, no cash advances fees or international transactions fees, and all you have to do to start using your card is make a secured deposit of at least $200. This card comes with a 18% APR, that is quite low compared to other secured or unsecured credit cards, but the rewards and no fees can compensate the APR tax.

More about nRewards Secured Credit Card

This card is for people who already have a Navy Federal membership and have a saving account with them, if you are not a member you can apply, for that you need to be a veteran or be in the military or have a relative that is. To create a savings account with them you have to put at least $5 to open the account. It is though this account that you are going to make the safe deposit to your secured card.

This card you give you access to the three major credit bureaus, where you can see your credit report, and this card will help you increase your score, with is highly valued when you are making an insurance or a loan. We know how important it is to have a high credit score, more so with being a military or have a family member that is.

The star feature of the Navy Federal secured card it is their rewards program, this is a feature that most secured cards do not have. With nRewards will get one point for each dollar spent using the card, and you can get as many points as you’ll be able to collect, just be aware that the points expire after four years.

More features of the nRewards Secured Credit Card

With the Navy Federal nRewards all your debt and credit details will be available on your digital and mobile wallets, that you can access though your phone. You can make purchases everywhere using your phone, and without the need of carrying an actual card.

Another perk is that you can freeze or unfreeze your credit card whenever you need it using the app. Besides that, this card came with contactless technology that allows you to pay without have to slide your card, making the purchases safer and anti-fraud.

At least, but definitely not last, this card also comes with a zero liability policy, you can report the charges that you did not recognize as soon as you see them on your credit balance, and you will not be responsible for those transactions. On top of that you also get fraud notifications if any suspicious activity appears in your account.

How to apply for the Navy Federal Memebership

To be able to apply to the nRewards Secured Credit Card you have to be a member of the Navy Federal Membership. You can become a member if you are an active member of the armed forces, retired members of the armed forces, family or household member of someone that is or were in the armed forces and Department of Defense personnel.

Beyond that you need a social security number, current home address, driver’s license or ID and a credit card or bank account. After you become a member, you can get your nRewards Secured Credit Card, all you have to do is apply and make a safety deposit of at least $200.

The Navy Federal will make a check on your credit, but this will not affect your actual score.

Apply to nRewards Secured Credit Card

Navy Federal nRewards Secured Credit Card
Source: Navy Federal nRewards Secured Credit Card

If you are an eligible person you can apply on the Navy Federal Credit Union website for the nRewards Secured Credit Card. Is a very simple process, you have to fill some personal and financial information like your annual income. After applying they will check your credit history and when you get approved Navy Federal will contact you through text or latter. You will get your card after 7-10 days after your approval.  

If you want to know more information about the Navy federal nRewards Secured Credit Card, keep reading.