How to apply for PCB Secured Visa Credit Card?

This is the perfect option for people new to credit as well as those people looking to rebuild their credit. Liked? Learn how to apply for the PCB Secured Visa!

PCB Secured Visa Credit Card
Source: PCB Secured Visa Credit Card

We know how important it is to establish a positive credit history. It is for this reason that the PCB Secured Visa credit card emerged in the financial market. If you choose to be part of the people who need to rebuild or you are new to this area, this card could be perfect. Counting on this credit card can save your everyday purchases, help with your finances and the best: prevent you from harming yourself and contracting future debts.

The institution’s mission, with the PCB Secured Visa, is to offer customers and consumers quality financial products and services. The idea, in fact, is to unite the values of the past with the ideas and technological innovations of the future. So, if you are looking for a credit card to help you in this mission of building credit, you are in the right place! There are several advantages and facilities in this credit card. You can’t lose!

Rates, fees & offers

The PCB Secured Visa credit card charges an annual fee. But, in fact, it is quite small if we analyze all the benefits and advantages that this card offers for your day-to-day purchases. Come on: the fee is $39 per year. This amount, however, will be deducted from your initial deposit and this will affect your available credit limit. This means that if your initial deposit is $500, your credit limit will be $461. But you can deposit, up to $1.000, as you already know.

On the other hand, for the first year of using the card, the cash advance fee is $0. After that, the fee is $5 or 5% of the transaction (whichever is greater). If there is a possibility, it is best to avoid the expense of a cash advance, because interest will immediately begin to accrue on them. However, speaking of a fee that is separate from interest, the PCB Secured Visa card has a more interesting and generous cash advance policy than what you will find in other cards out there.

Want more? Let’s go! The international transaction fee, as well as the cash advance fee, is also waived for the first year of using the PCB Visa card; after that period, the fee is up to 1% of the total transaction. In the first year of the card, the lack of this fee is something useful for those people with bad or no credit who plan to travel or live abroad for a while – such as, for example, a university student studying in another country.

More curiosities about the PCB Secured Visa

PCB Secured Visa Credit Card
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In order to obtain the PCB Secured Visa, you must have a secured deposit account with PCB Bank. Cindy Jager, the bank’s credit card manager, said in an email that no further relationship with the bank was required. However, you must have a US address to apply for the card. Additionally, Jager said, applicants must have an annual income of $5.000 or more to qualify for the card.

Over time, you can increase your deposit and credit limit. After opening the PCB Secured Visa with a minimum deposit of $200, you can increase this amount over time. During the first year, you can increase your deposit to the equivalent of your credit limit, up to a maximum of $1.000. Then, after the first year, you can increase it to $5.000.

See how to Apply the PCB Secured Visa

Now that you already know the main benefits and the best features of this credit card, it’s time to learn how to apply for it. What do you think? Let’s start by making it clear that the PCB Secured Visa contracting process is super simple and takes just a few minutes. Also, you can do everything from your home, without leaving your comfort and stressing out with long lines, agencies and everything else. Check out the step-by-step guide that we have prepared to help you:

  1. Access the PCB Visa official website;
  2. Right on the website’s homepage you will already find the option to request the card;
  3. Click on the “Start Your Application” button;
  4. Ready? Now is the time to enter some personal information requested by the institution – such as full name, email address, street address, ZIP Code, mobile and home phone;
  5. After that, just keep following the PCB prompts. You can rest assured, it’s super easy and intuitive. You won’t have any problems!
  6. Finally, submit your application proposal and wait for the bank’s response. Was approved? Responsibly enjoy your PCB Secured Visa credit card. Good shopping!