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Kohl’s Card Review

Exclusive discounts, rewards, and perks meticulously crafted to elevate your shopping experience to new heights at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s Card
Source: Kohl’s Card

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a home decor aficionado, or simply someone who loves a good deal, the Kohl’s Card opens doors to endless possibilities and unbeatable savings. Imagine strolling through the aisles of Kohl’s, filled with excitement as you discover irresistible deals and exciting offers tailored just for you.

But the excitement doesn’t end at the checkout counter – the Kohl’s Card brings you even more reasons to smile with hassle-free returns, access to extra savings events, and special financing options for those big-ticket purchases. You’re not only getting the best deals but also enjoying added perks and benefits exclusive to Kohl’s Cardholders. 

Kohl’s Card
Kohl’s Card
High rewards rate No annual fee
Keep an eye out for monthly Kohl’s Card holder exclusive savings

Earning Rewards

Experience the thrill of earning a whopping 7.5% in Kohl’s Cash on every single purchase you make at Kohl’s with the Kohl’s Card! This incredible opportunity allows you to effortlessly accumulate rewards while enjoying the latest trends and must-have styles from your favorite brands.

But wait, there’s more! As if earning 7.5% back in Kohl’s Cash wasn’t enticing enough, Kohl’s Cardholders also enjoy an additional 2.5% in rewards compared to Kohl’s Rewards members who already earn an impressive 5% back. This means that with the Kohl’s Card, you’re not just earning rewards – you’re earning even more rewards, making each purchase feel like a celebration of savings and style.

Redeeming Rewards

With the Kohl’s Card, rewards earned are seamlessly converted into Kohl’s Cash for use towards purchases at Kohl’s in $5 increments, with conversions occurring on the first of the month following the month in which the reward was earned

 Rewards are issued by email and can be managed through the Kohl’s App if your email is connected. However, it’s important to note that rewards-issued Kohl’s Cash expires 30 days after issuance, and rewards cannot be used towards Sephora at Kohl’s purchases, Kohl’s gift cards, or charitable items.

Kohl’s Card benefits


With no annual fee to hold you back, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the most out of your purchases without any extra expenses. It’s just another reason to love the Kohl’s Card and the incredible benefits it brings to your shopping experience!

Welcome Bonus

The Kohl’s Card offers a unique welcome bonus that sets it apart from traditional credit card offerings. Upon approval, cardholders can enjoy a generous 35% discount on a single transaction when the card is used within 14 days of approval. This exclusive perk provides new cardholders with an immediate opportunity to save on their initial purchase, adding extra value to the Kohl’s Card experience right from the start.

Kohl’s coupons

Kohl’s Card cardholders enjoy monthly exclusive discounts delivered to their electronic Kohl’s Wallet, accessible in the Kohl’s mobile app, eliminating the need for physical coupons. While this digital solution enhances convenience, please note that coupons may have restrictions on certain brands and product categories.

Kohl’s Rewards

Get ready to supercharge your shopping experience with Kohl’s Rewards – the ultimate loyalty program for Kohl’s enthusiasts! Regular members earn an impressive 5% back on purchases in the form of Kohl’s Cash, issued in convenient $5 increments on the first of the following month. And if you’re a Kohl’s Cardholder, the excitement levels go through the roof with a fantastic 7.5% back in Kohl’s Cash – talk about a major upgrade!

Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s Cash is the valuable currency of Kohl’s loyalty program, earned through promotions where shoppers receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. These coupons, distributed at the time of purchase, can be used during specified redemption periods and be stacked with exclusive cardholder discounts. Plus, Kohl’s Cardholders enjoy perks like advance sale notifications and receipt-free returns on card purchases.

Earn status

When you reach $600 in spending with your Kohl’s Card within a calendar year, you’ll unlock Most Valued Customer (MVC) status. This prestigious status brings additional savings and exclusive offers throughout the year. Plus, MVCs enjoy periodic exclusive free shipping, which can be stacked with other Kohl’s offers and cash for even more savings.

No hard pull on your credit

If you’re considering applying for a Kohl’s Card but concerned about qualifying, you can check your eligibility beforehand without any negative impact on your credit score. This allows you to make an informed decision before applying.

Who can apply?

Kohl’s Card
Source: Kohl’s Card

There is no specific minimum credit score requirement, but approval is based on your credit history and other factors. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria can apply for a Kohl’s Card. This includes individuals who are at least 18 years old, have a valid Social Security number, and have a U.S. mailing address. Additionally, applicants must have a source of income and meet the credit requirements set by Kohl’s and the card issuer.

How to apply?

Applying for a Kohl’s Card is easier than you think:

  1. Go to the CNBC website and look for Kohl’s Card
  2. Click on Apply Now
  3. Read Terms and Conditions
  4. Fill your personal and financial details
  5. Submit your application

Frequently asked questions

How do I track my rewards points and Kohl’s Cash?

You can track your rewards points and Kohl’s Cash through your Kohl’s account online or by contacting Kohl’s customer service.

Can I apply for a Kohl’s Card if I have bad credit?

While approval is based on various factors, including credit history, individuals with lower credit scores may still be approved for a Kohl’s Card, albeit with potentially higher APRs.

Can I add authorized users to my Kohl’s Card account?

Yes, you can add authorized users to your Kohl’s Card account, allowing them to make purchases on your behalf.

What is the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for the Kohl’s Card?

The APR varies depending on your creditworthiness and prevailing market rates.

Kohl’s Card
Kohl’s Card
High rewards rate No annual fee
Combine your Kohl’s Card exclusive discounts with Kohl’s Cash

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