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Petal 1 Credit Card
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If the universe of Credit Score is new to you, and therefore you have been finding it difficult to get a credit card. The Petal 1 Visa is a credit card, with many benefits and no annual fee, issued by WebBank. Therefore, this tool can help you remove many barriers and build credit history.

See how the experience of using the Petal 1 credit card can be a solid and safe option, until you build better credit to a higher level.

Petal 1 Credit Card
Petal 1 visa
better rates no annual fee
Take advantage of this card
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Features of the Visa Petal 1 Credit Card

The Visa Petal 1 card is a type of credit card that can be used for online purchases, physical purchases, and other transactions. The card is designed to keep personal information safe and secure. In addition, this is a Visa card that can be easily used in various country; most companies also accept it.

The Visa Petal 1 credit card is suitable for people with no credit history. A credit card can be used to increase your credit rating. If you have been denied on any credit card, or if it has been difficult to qualify for one, the Petal 1 may be the best alternative.

What’s more, this card has no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee, has a minimum credit limit of $300 and a maximum value of $5,000. Moreover, you can earn cash back at several selected stores; check out the details of this benefit in the next topics.

Credit card welcome offers

You have probably heard about the credit card welcome offer, it is a bonus offered to new cardholders. Usually bonuses are given when they reach minimum spending in the first few months after opening an account. In addition, they receive additional rewards such as miles, points, cash back and others.

The Visa Petal 1 card has no welcome offer, but this is quite common among many credit cards. Especially among applicants with low and limited credit history. However, the main purpose of the Visa Petal 1 card is to help people give a balance for better cards, which is possible by increasing credit score.

Therefore, you do not have to be disappointed, because the advantages and benefits of the Visa Petal 1 card are real “gifts” for people. Moreover, if you would like to know all the privileges offered, read on and find out how amazing this tool can be for your financial life.

Benefits of the Visa Petal 1 credit card

Petal 1 Credit Card
Source: Petal 1 Credit Card

This Visa credit card is accepted at thousands of stores, websites, and on enabled apps. In addition, Visa offers some services and assistances that can be enjoyed by cardholders without worrying about the annual fee, which is free! See other advantages:

  • Cash back – 2% – 10% at select establishments;
  • Credit limit of up to $5,000;
  • Perfect for people with low or no credit history;
  • Allows you to increase the credit rating of the holders;
  • Credit recommended with no history;
  • No foreign transaction fee;
  • AutoPay app, helps avoid late card payments;
  • Connect the Visa Petal card to Google Pay and Apple Pay;
  • Regular APR from 20.74% – 30.24% – variable;
  • Provides reporting to major credit bureaus;

Other important points of the Petal Visa Card 1

Aside from the Petal Perks rewards program, the Petal 1 Visa Credit Card does not have many extra benefits, which is quite common among basic cards. You need to create more credit history through good habits. Therefore, the Visa Petal 1 card will be a great tool and help you in this mission.

  • Make payments on time every month, these payments will be reported to three major credit bureaus: Experian – Equifax and TransUnion.
  • Manage your account and have control of your budget through the application, or optimized site for mobile devices.
  • Enjoy benefits of the Visa flag such as theft coverage, zero liability fraud protection, and other services and assistance that we will give details about.


The Petal 1 is a reloadable prepaid debit card. It is the most convenient way to pay for everyday purchases because it works just like a credit card and you can use it at any store that accepts the Visa flag, to pay for goods and services in the same way as other cards you are familiar with.

The difference is that the limit of your card will be the balance of the deposit made, which is available to be used whenever you want. To do this you need to register for a current account on the website or mobile app. You can then fund your account with cash or a bank transfer.

Petal 1 Credit Card
Petal 1 visa
better rates no annual fee
Take advantage of this card
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