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The TAP Miles&Go Amex Card

An ideal choice for frequent flyers looking to maximize their miles and travel benefits.

TAP Miles&Go American Express
TAP Miles&Go American Express
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Experience a world of unparalleled travel rewards with our premium travel credit card. Designed for avid jetsetters and frequent travelers, this card offers a plethora of exclusive benefits to elevate your travel experience.

From earning generous miles on everyday purchases to enjoying complimentary airport lounge access and travel insurance coverage, our card provides unmatched convenience and value. Whether you’re embarking on a spontaneous getaway or planning your next adventure, our card is your gateway to unlocking extraordinary travel privileges and unforgettable experiences around the globe.

Pros and Cons


  • Earn generous miles on everyday purchases.
  • Enjoy complimentary airport lounge access.
  • Benefit from comprehensive travel insurance coverage.
  • Free checked bags.
  • Priority boarding for you and any companions on the same booking.
  • Access exclusive travel perks and discounts.
  • Receive personalized service and support from dedicated customer care professionals.


  • May have an annual fee.
  • Limited acceptance compared to other major credit card networks.
  • Foreign transaction fees may apply, potentially increasing the cost of international purchases.

This card is tailored for individuals whose lifestyle revolves around frequent travel and who prioritize maximizing their rewards and benefits while on the go.

It caters to seasoned jetsetters who find themselves constantly exploring new destinations, whether for business or leisure, and who desire a credit card that not only earns generous miles on their everyday spending but also provides additional perks and conveniences to enhance their travel experiences.

With features such as complimentary airport lounge access and comprehensive travel insurance coverage, this card is ideal for those who value both luxury and practicality in their journeys, offering a seamless blend of rewards and amenities to elevate their travel adventures to new heights.

Elevating your travel experience to new heights, this card offers a plethora of exclusive benefits that make every journey unforgettable. From earning generous miles on your everyday purchases to indulging in complimentary airport lounge access, each feature is meticulously crafted to ensure your travels are not only rewarding but also luxurious.

Beyond the tangible benefits, this card provides intangible rewards that enrich your travel journey in meaningful ways. It opens doors to exclusive travel perks and discounts, allowing you to explore new destinations and cultures with ease.

Moreover, with comprehensive travel insurance coverage, you can embark on your adventures with peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected against unforeseen circumstances.

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