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TD Cash Credit Card Review

Whether you're buying groceries, dining out, or shopping online, you can earn cash rewards that can add up quickly.

TD Cash Credit Card
Source: TD Cash Credit Card

Looking for a cash back card that puts you in control of your rewards? Look no further than the TD Cash Credit Card—the ultimate choice for maximizing your earnings with style. Every quarter, you get to pick which categories earn you a fantastic 3% and 2% cash back, tailored to fit your spending habits perfectly.

But that’s not all! This card doesn’t just help you earn money; it helps you save big time too. With an incredible 0% introductory APR offer, you can tackle existing debt without the burden of interest. And let’s not forget the exciting welcome bonus that awaits new cardholders. Dive into a world of rewards and savings with the TD Cash Credit Card today!

Benefits of TD Cash Credit Card

  • No annual fee 

One of the standout benefits of the TD FlexPay Credit Card is that it comes with no annual fee. This means you can enjoy all the perks and rewards without the worry of any additional costs. 

  • Comes with an intro offer on balance transfers 

If you have existing credit card debt, the TD FlexPay Credit Card can help you manage it more efficiently. With an attractive introductory offer on balance transfers, you can consolidate your debt and take advantage of a lower interest rate, allowing you to save money and pay off your balance faster

  • Earnings are unlimited and never expire 

Unlike some credit cards that limit your cash back earnings or impose expiration dates, the TD FlexPay Credit Card offers unlimited and never-expiring earnings. This means you can continue to earn cash back on your purchases without any restrictions, and your rewards will always be available for you to redeem at your convenience. 

  • Welcome bonus

Experience the TD Cash Credit Card’s generous welcome bonus that goes above and beyond. Unlike many high cash back rate cards, TD Double Up Credit Card offers a standout $200 Cash Back as a statement credit after spending just $500 within the first 90 days. Plus, enjoy an impressive 6% bonus cash back on grocery purchases for six months, up to $6,000 in spend. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your rewards journey while enjoying substantial savings from day one.

  • Customize 3% and 2% cash back categories

The TD FlexPay Credit Card puts the power in your hands by allowing you to customize your cash back categories. You can choose three categories where you want to earn 3% cash back and two categories where you want to earn 2% cash back. This flexibility ensures that you maximize your rewards based on your personal spending preferences.

  • VIsa Signature or Platinum benefits

As a TD Cash Credit Cardholder, you’ll enjoy the full suite of Visa benefits, including valuable perks like cell phone protection, fraud liability coverage, emergency card replacement, concierge services, special event access, identity theft protection, lost luggage reimbursement, travel accident insurance, and exclusive access to the luxury hotel collection. These benefits provide peace of mind and enhance your travel and everyday experiences, ensuring you’re well-supported wherever life takes you.

  • Digital wallet

There’s nothing more convenient than leaving your wallet at home, and the TD Cash Credit Card makes that possible. This card is compatible with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, allowing you to make secure, hassle-free payments with just your phone. Your transactions have never been easier!

  • No foreign transaction fee

Planning to travel or shop online internationally? The TD Cash Credit Card is your ultimate companion, saving you money with its zero foreign transaction fees. Whether you’re exploring abroad or making purchases online from overseas, this card ensures you won’t incur additional charges for currency conversion. Enjoy seamless spending and maximize your savings wherever your adventures take you with the TD Cash Credit Card.

Qualifying for TD Cash Credit Card

Minimum Credit Score needed: You need a good to excellent credit score with TD FlexPay Credit Card, which means you need to have a score of 700 and above. 

Annual Income requirements: You may check TD FlexPay Credit Card’s official website for the annual income requirements. 

TD Cash Credit Card
Source: TD Cash Credit Card

How to apply for TD Cash Credit Card?

Applying for a TD Cash Credit Card is easier than you think:

  1. Go to the TD Bank website and look for TD Cash Credit Card
  2. Click on Apply Now
  3. Read Terms and Conditions
  4. Fill your personal and financial details
  5. Submit your application


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make a TD Cash Credit Card payment?

Making a payment is easy and you can always set up automatic payments. You can do it online, by TD Bank mobile app, by phone, by mail or at any TD bank branch.

How long does it take to get approved?

Usually, you receive the decision immediately. However, in some cases it takes up to 30 days.

How much is the balance transfer limit?

The balance transfer limit is based on your available credit limit. However, the minimum balance transfer amount is $250.

What is the APR for this card?

The variable APR ranges from 20.24% to 30.24%, based on your creditworthiness.

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