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The BMO Preferred Rate Mastercard

Optimize your financial management with this Card—enjoy low interest rates, perfect for maintaining a balance.

BMO Preferred Rate MasterCard
BMO Preferred Rate MasterCard
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This is a practical choice for individuals seeking a credit card with a low interest rate. This card is designed for those who prioritize managing their finances responsibly and may anticipate carrying a balance from time to time. With this card, you can benefit from a competitive interest rate that helps minimize interest charges on outstanding balances.

Whether you’re looking to consolidate higher-interest debt or need flexibility in managing unexpected expenses, this card offers a reliable solution with its focus on affordability and financial control. Enjoy the convenience of a MasterCard while benefiting from a lower interest rate tailored to your financial needs.


  • Enjoy a competitive interest rate.
  • 0.99% on balance transfers.
  • Save up to 7 cents per litre at Shell.
  • Eligible cardholders may qualify for credit limit increases over time.
  • Benefit from purchase protection coverage against loss, theft, or damage for eligible items purchased with the card.
  • MasterCard is widely accepted worldwide,.


  • Rewards and perks may be limited compared to other credit cards.
  • Annual fee of $29.
  • Limited Travel Benefits.
  • Approval may require a good credit score.

This card is specifically designed to cater to individuals who prioritize financial responsibility and seek a credit card with a low interest rate. It is an ideal choice for those who anticipate carrying a balance on their credit card and want to minimize interest charges on outstanding balances over time.

This card is particularly suitable for individuals who value affordability and flexibility in managing their finances without the complexity of a rewards program. Unlike many other credit cards that emphasize rewards and perks, it focuses on providing a straightforward and cost-effective financial tool.

It appeals to individuals who prioritize financial control and value a low-interest option that helps them save money on interest charges while maintaining flexibility in their spending habits.

Overall, the card is designed to meet the needs of responsible consumers who seek simplicity and practicality in their credit card choices.

We like this credit cardfor its competitive interest rate, which is lower compared to many other credit cards. This feature makes it a practical choice for individuals who may need to carry a balance on their card occasionally or manage larger purchases over time.

Additionally, the card offers the convenience and global acceptance of MasterCard, allowing you to use it for transactions worldwide. If you prioritize affordability, financial control, and simplicity in a credit card, it is a suitable option that helps you save on interest charges and manage your finances responsibly.

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