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The CIBC Air Canada AC conversion Visa Prepaid

Transform your business trips with the RBC Avion Visa Infinite Business.

CIBC Air Canada AC conversion Visa Prepaid
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This card is a versatile travel companion designed to simplify currency management during international travel. It allows you to load and hold up to 10 different currencies, providing flexibility and convenience when making purchases or accessing cash overseas. With competitive exchange rates and the ability to lock in rates before your trip, it offers peace of mind by helping you avoid currency fluctuations.

Enjoy the benefits of contactless payments and ATM access worldwide, making it an essential tool for travelers seeking a secure and hassle-free way to manage foreign currency. Whether you’re planning a vacation or business trip, thois card is a smart choice for navigating currency exchange while abroad.


  • Holds up to 10 different currencies, allowing you to avoid multiple foreign transaction fees.
  • Offers competitive exchange rates, helping you save money on currency conversion.
  • Allows you to lock in exchange rates before your trip, protecting you from currency fluctuations.
  • Supports contactless payments for convenient and secure transactions while traveling.
  • Provides access to ATMs worldwide, making it easy to withdraw cash in local currencies.


  • May incur fees when loading the card with funds.
  • Charges may apply for prolonged periods of inactivity.

This card is designed for frequent travelers and individuals who frequently make international transactions. This card is particularly well-suited for:

  • Travelers: Ideal for individuals who travel frequently for business or leisure, offering convenient currency management and access to multiple currencies in one card.
  • Vacationers: Perfect for vacationers looking to simplify currency exchange and avoid foreign transaction fees while traveling abroad.
  • Business Professionals: Well-suited for business professionals who often conduct international transactions or travel for work, providing a secure and efficient way to manage expenses overseas.
  • Students Studying Abroad: Useful for students studying abroad, offering a safe and convenient means to access funds and make purchases in foreign currencies.

Overall, it caters to individuals seeking a reliable and flexible payment solution for international travel and transactions. If you frequently travel internationally or conduct transactions in multiple currencies, this card can simplify your financial management and enhance your travel experience.

This card is worth considering for its unique benefits tailored to travelers. This card offers the convenience of holding up to 10 different currencies, allowing you to avoid foreign transaction fees and currency fluctuations while abroad. You can lock in exchange rates before your trip, providing financial predictability and peace of mind.

Additionally, the card supports contactless payments for quick and secure transactions, making it ideal for travelers on the go. With access to ATMs worldwide, you can easily withdraw local currency wherever your travels take you.

Overall, this card simplifies currency management and enhances convenience for frequent travelers, making it a valuable companion for your journeys.

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