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The Scotia Momentum Business Visa

Elevate your business savings with substantial cash back on expenses.

Scotia Momentum Business Visa Credit Card
Scotia Momentum Business Visa
Travel Emergency Medical 3% cash back
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With exclusive benefits and flexible repayment options, this card not only simplifies your expenses but also rewards your every business move. Perfect for those looking to streamline operations and increase their financial results, it’s time to let your company work for you.

This is a powerful financial tool designed specifically for business owners seeking to optimize their expenses and earn rewards on everyday business purchases. This card offers robust cash back rewards tailored to business needs, making it an attractive choice for those looking to maximize savings and streamline financial management.


  • Earn cash back on business purchases, including gas, groceries, recurring bills, and more.
  • Low intro rate of 2.99%.
  • Access detailed expense reports and tools to track business spending efficiently.
  • Enjoy travel insurance coverage and other travel-related perks for business trips.
  • Add employee cards at no extra cost, allowing you to manage business expenses easily.
  • Benefit from purchase protection against theft or damage for eligible items.


  • Annual Fee of $79.
  • Approval may require a good credit score.

This card is tailored for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to earn rewards and save on business expenses. It is ideal for those who frequently spend on gas, groceries, and recurring bills related to business operations. The card’s cash back rewards and business-focused benefits make it a valuable financial tool for individuals looking to optimize their business spending and maximize savings.

It is also suitable for businesses that prioritize expense tracking and employee management, thanks to features like detailed expense reports and the ability to add employee cards at no extra cost. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or manage a small team, this card offers practical benefits and rewards designed to support your business growth and financial management needs.

We like this credit card for its tailored rewards and benefits that align with your business needs. The card’s generous cash back rewards on essential business expenses, such as gas and groceries, provide valuable savings and help offset operational costs. Additionally, features like detailed expense reports and employee card management tools streamline financial management, making it easier to track and control business spending.

Furthermore, it offers travel benefits and purchase protection, enhancing peace of mind during business trips and protecting your business purchases. The ability to earn cash back rewards on everyday business spending without the complexity of a traditional rewards program makes this card a practical and efficient choice for business owners and professionals.

If you value simplicity, savings, and tailored rewards for your business expenses, this card is a compelling option that can benefit your business operations and financial strategy.

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