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The Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

Earn Canadian Tire Money on all your purchases—use it at Canadian Tire, SportChek, and Mark's for future savings!

Triangle Mastercard
Triangle Mastercard
No annual fee High rewards rate
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This is a versatile credit card that offers exceptional rewards and benefits. By using this card for everyday purchases, you can earn Canadian Tire Money on every dollar spent, which can be redeemed at Canadian Tire, SportChek, and Mark’s locations.

This card also provides access to exclusive offers and discounts, making it a valuable choice for those who frequent these stores. With no annual fee, convenient payment options, and the ability to collect rewards quickly, it is a practical and rewarding addition to your wallet.

Pros & Cons


  • Get rewards on everyday spending, redeemable at Canadian Tire, SportChek, and Mark’s.
  • No Annual Fee.
  • Access special discounts and promotions available only to cardholders.
  • Use the card at Canadian Tire, SportChek, Mark’s, and everywhere else Mastercard is accepted.
  • Take advantage of installment payment options for larger purchases.


  • Rewards are specific to Canadian Tire, SportChek, and Mark’s, limiting flexibility compared to cashback cards.
  • Standard credit card interest rates apply if the balance is not paid in full monthly.
  • Approval may require a minimum credit score, potentially excluding some applicants.

This rewards credit card is designed for individuals who are regular shoppers at Canadian Tire, SportChek, and Mark’s stores, catering specifically to those who value earning rewards on their purchases within these popular retail outlets.

It appeals to customers who appreciate the opportunity to accumulate rewards that can be redeemed at these specific retailers, enhancing the overall shopping experience and providing tangible benefits for loyal patrons.

With no annual fee, this card offers accessibility to a diverse range of consumers who want to capitalize on rewards and benefits associated with their frequent shopping habits at Canadian Tire, SportChek, and Mark’s.

By targeting this niche audience, the card aims to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing a convenient and rewarding payment option for everyday purchases at these renowned Canadian retailers.

We appreciate this card if you frequently shop at Canadian Tire, SportChek, and Mark’s stores and want to earn rewards on your purchases. It offers the opportunity to accumulate rewards that can be redeemed directly at these retailers, providing tangible benefits for your loyalty.

Additionally, the card has no annual fee, making it a low-cost option to maximize savings and rewards on your everyday spending. If you value convenience, rewards, and savings specifically tailored to your shopping habits at these popular Canadian retailers, this card could be an appealing choice for you.

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