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Walmart Rewards MasterCard Review

This card is not just your everyday credit card—it's your passport to exclusive benefits and exciting perks.

Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Source: Walmart Rewards MasterCard

Experience the ultimate in shopping flexibility and rewards with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard! Whether you’re a savvy shopper looking to maximize savings or someone who enjoys the convenience of shopping at Walmart, this card is designed to elevate your shopping experience to new heights.

Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Earn big rewards No annual fee
Access the card’s services and benefits

With the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, every purchase you make at Walmart or anywhere else earns you generous rewards. What’s more, this card offers more than just rewards; it opens the door to a world of savings, special financing options, and unique benefits tailored to Walmart enthusiasts and everyday shoppers alike.

Earning rewards

Earning rewards is as simple as swiping your card at your favorite Walmart destinations. Revel in the thrill of receiving 1.25% cash back on all purchases made at and any Walmart store in Canada and a solid 1% cash back on any gas station and everywhere else.

Whether you’re stocking up on groceries, upgrading your electronics, or treating yourself to new apparel, each purchase contributes to building up your cash back rewards.

Plus, with the convenience of earning rewards both online and in-store, the Walmart Rewards Mastercard ensures that every shopping trip is not just fulfilling but also rewarding.

Redeeming rewards

When it comes to redeeming rewards with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, the process is straightforward and rewarding. The rewards you accumulate through your purchases can be seamlessly redeemed for purchases at any Walmart register, including Walmart Supercenters, as well as online at

The best part? Your cashback rewards are conveniently deposited directly into your account, ready to use whenever you want.

If Walmart is your go-to destination for groceries and other essentials, redeeming these rewards can save you a substantial amount on your purchases, making every shopping trip more cost-effective.

For every dollar you earn in Walmart Rewards, you have the equivalent spending power of a dollar at Walmart. This simple and transparent redemption system ensures that your rewards are put to good use, providing you with tangible savings and benefits every time you shop at Walmart, whether it’s in-store or online.

Benefits of Walmart Rewards MasterCard

If you’re shopping for something simple and forget your wallet, don’t worry! You can utilize your Walmart Rewards MasterCard for everyday purchases. Here are some of the numerous benefits of the card:

  • Welcome offer

By completing a couple of simple steps, you can earn $45 in Walmart Dollars. Here’s how it works: you’ll receive $20 after spendind $50+ at Walmart using the temporary shopping pass. Plus, earn $15 after making a purchase at Walmart and another purchase anywhere else using your card. Additionally, you’ll get an extra $10 when you sign up for electronic statements.

  • No annual fees

Enjoy all the benefits of the Walmart Rewards Mastercard without worrying about annual fees! With no annual fees, you can maximize your savings and rewards without any extra costs, allowing you to make the most of your shopping experiences at Walmart and

  • Balance Protection Plan

This feature provides valuable protection for unforeseen circumstances. If you pass away or are diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness, the plan can cover your outstanding balance. Additionally, in case of disability, involuntary job loss, or other covered scenarios, the plan may pay a monthly benefit of up to 10% of your account balance.

  • Installments plans

To take advantage of the installment plan option with your Walmart Rewards Mastercard, simply make a purchase of $199.99 or more either in-store or at During checkout, select the Installment Plan option and use your Walmart Rewards Mastercard for payment. This feature allows you to split your purchase into 6 equal installments, making larger purchases more manageable and convenient.

  • Complimentary shipping

Enjoy the convenience of free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items online when you spend $35 or more. This perk makes shopping online more efficient and cost-effective, ensuring your purchases arrive swiftly at your doorstep without extra charges.

  • No annual income requirement

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard offers a flexible option for shoppers, as it does not have an annual income requirement. This makes it accessible to a wider range of individuals, providing an opportunity to earn rewards and enjoy benefits regardless of income level.

  • Mastercard benefits

Mastercard provides global acceptance, advanced fraud protection, purchase protection against damage or theft, extended warranties on purchases, and price protection for eligible items. Additionally, MasterCard offers travel benefits like travel accident insurance and rental car insurance. Their zero liability policy protects against unauthorized transactions.

Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Source: Walmart Rewards MasterCard
  • Cash, travel, gift cards, and more is available for cashback redeems

When you apply for a Walmart Rewards MasterCard, you’ll earn cashback on all purchases, along with travel and shopping rewards. These rewards are redeemable for various options, including cash, gift cards, and more. If you’re seeking the best rewards credit card, the Walmart Rewards MasterCard is an excellent choice.

Credit Card Application Requirements

To apply for the Walmart Rewards MasterCard, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  1. Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Residency: You should be a resident of the United States.
  3. Credit History: A good credit history enhances your chances of approval.
  4. Income: Demonstrating a stable income is crucial for eligibility.

How to Apply for the Walmart Rewards MasterCard

Applying for a Walmart Rewards MasterCard is easier than you think:

  1. Go to the Walmart Rewards MasterCard website
  2. Click on Apply Now
  3. Read Terms and Conditions
  4. Fill your personal and financial details
  5. Submit your application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Walmart Rewards MasterCard

What are the redemption options for earned rewards?

You can redeem your rewards for statement credits, gift cards, and eligible Walmart purchases.

Can I manage my Walmart Rewards MasterCard account online?

Yes, you can easily manage your account, view transactions, and make payments through the online portal.

What should I do if my Walmart Rewards MasterCard is lost or stolen?

Contact the issuer immediately to report a lost or stolen card. They will assist in issuing a replacement.

Are there any special financing options with this credit card?

Check the current promotions, as the Walmart Rewards MasterCard may offer special financing on certain purchases.

Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Earn big rewards No annual fee
Access the card’s services and benefits

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