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Apply for Axis Bank AURA Credit Card

Life gets easier and transactions smoother with Axis Bank AURA Credit Card. Explore now and elevate your financial journey!

Axis Bank AURA Credit Card
Source: Axis Bank AURA Credit Card

One of the most highlighted aspects is the generous rewards program. Cardholders have expressed their satisfaction regarding the attractive reward points that can be earned on every transaction. 

Whether it’s shopping, dining, or travel expenses, customers appreciate the ability to accumulate reward points that can later be redeemed for exciting offers and discounts. 

Furthermore, the Axis Bank AURA Credit Card has gained popularity due to its exclusive lifestyle privileges. Cardholders have shared their experiences of enjoying special discounts and offers across various categories such as dining, entertainment, and shopping. These benefits have greatly enhanced their lifestyle, providing them with access to exclusive experiences and savings. 

Another aspect that customers admire about the Axis Bank AURA Credit Card is its secure and convenient nature. Users appreciate the advanced security features provided by Axis Bank, ensuring their transactions remain safe and protected. Additionally, the card offers contactless payment options, enabling hassle-free and quick transactions, making it a preferred choice for many.

Rates and Fees of Axis Bank AURA Credit Card

Annual Fee: The Axis Bank AURA Credit Card annual fee is INR 749. The card also has a joining fee of the same rate. The said fee is considered a bit higher as compared to other credit cards available in the country. 

Late Payment Penalty Fee: The late payment penalty of Axis Bank AURA Credit Card can go from INR 300 or more. 

Returned Payment Fee: Moreover, Axis Bank AURA Credit Card returned payment fee can go from INR 500. 

Foreign Transaction Fee: Axis Bank AURA Credit Card has a foreign transaction fee of 1% per international purchases – this is tolerable and much lower than other cards. 

Interest Rate: The interest rates of Axis Bank AURA Credit Card is 3.6% per month – this is in a medium average of the country. 

Qualifying for Axis Bank AURA Credit Card

Minimum Credit Score needed: You need to have a good credit score of 750 to be able to qualify for Axis Bank AURA Credit Card 

Annual Income requirements: Axis Bank AURA Credit Card didn’t disclose whether they require an annual income. 

How to apply for Axis Bank AURA Credit Card

Axis Bank AURA Credit Card
Source: Axis Bank AURA Credit Card

If you’re interested in enjoying the numerous benefits and features that this credit card has to offer, follow these steps to complete your application. 

1. Visit the Axis Bank website: Go to the official Axis Bank website. Look for the section dedicated to credit cards, where you’ll find detailed information about the various credit card options available. 

2. Explore the Axis Bank AURA Credit Card details: Navigate to the AURA Credit Card page and familiarize yourself with the features, benefits, and eligibility criteria of this particular card. 

3. Check your eligibility: Before proceeding with your application, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements specified by Axis Bank. This usually includes factors such as age, income, and employment status. 

4. Tap “Apply Now” button: Once you’re certain that you are eligible for the card, tap “Apply Now” button to initiate the application process. This will redirect you to a secure online application form. 

5. Fill in the application form: Provide accurate and up-to-date information in the application form. This typically includes personal details, contact information, employment details, and financial information. Double-check all the information you’ve entered to ensure its accuracy. 

6. Submit supporting documents: As part of the application process, you’ll be required to submit certain supporting documents. 

7. Review and submit your application: Carefully review all the information you’ve entered, ensuring that there are no errors or omissions. 

8. Wait for verification and approval: After submitting your application, Axis Bank will review your information and documents. If everything is in order and you meet the necessary requirements, you will receive a confirmation of approval. 

Final thoughts

With numerous options available, it’s important to choose a credit card that meets your financial needs and offers exclusive benefits. One such credit card that has gained considerable attention is the Axis Bank AURA Credit Card. As we step into 2023, it’s crucial to evaluate the features, rewards, and overall performance of this credit card.

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