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Step Up Credit Card SBM Paisabazaar Review

Achieve financial freedom in India with the right credit history! Discover how the Step Up Credit Card SBM Paisabazaar can help build your credit. Learn more.

Step Up Credit Card
Source: Step Up Credit Card

The Step Up Credit Card by and SBM Bank India is a secured credit-building solution for new consumers and those with low credit scores. Linked to an SBM fixed deposit with a competitive interest rate of 6.25% per annum, the card offers hassle-free virtual access, attractive brand offers, and a credit limit tied to the deposit amount. 

No income verification is required, making it accessible to all Indian residents. Additionally, the card earns reward points for every Rs. 100 spent. The SBM Bank fixed deposit offers high interest rates, RBI insurance up to Rs. 5 lakh, a minimum deposit of Rs. 2,000, and flexibility for withdrawal.

Daily Financial Empowerment

The Step Up Credit Card is not just any credit card; it’s a financial empowerment tool. By investing in a fixed deposit with SBM Bank, you can avail this credit card, which helps in building your credit score from scratch. The beauty of this card lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s like having a financial companion that grows with you, mirroring your financial stability and readiness.

Secured Credit – Your Trustworthy Financial Anchor

The Step Up Credit Card is anchored in security, being tied to a fixed deposit at SBM Bank. This unique feature ensures reliability and trust in the financial arrangement. For the consumer, it means that the credit limit is reflective of the deposit amount, creating a safety net and promoting responsible credit usage. This secured approach not only protects your finances but also instills discipline in credit management. By tying credit to savings, it reinforces the importance of financial stability, making it a prudent choice for those cautious about overspending.

Credit Score Builder – Paving Your Way to Financial Credibility

This card is a boon for individuals with low or no credit history. By utilizing the Step Up Credit Card responsibly, consumers can build or improve their credit score. Regular usage and timely repayments are reported to credit bureaus, contributing positively to the credit history. This is especially beneficial for young professionals and those new to credit, as establishing a good credit score opens doors to future financial opportunities, like loan approvals and better credit terms. It’s an investment in your financial reputation.

Instant Virtual Card – Immediate Access, Limitless Possibilities

In an era where immediacy is valued, the Step Up Credit Card’s instant virtual card feature stands out. Upon approval, consumers receive a digital version of their credit card, ready for use online. This means you can start making transactions, booking tickets, and shopping online without waiting for a physical card. This feature not only saves time but also introduces you to the world of digital finance, making it perfect for tech-savvy consumers who prefer online transactions for their convenience and speed.

Physical Card Delivery – Bringing Tangibility to Your Transactions

Following the virtual card, a physical Step Up Credit Card is delivered to your doorstep. This aspect caters to the traditional aspect of financial transactions, allowing you to swipe or dip your card at stores, restaurants, and ATMs. It ensures that you are not limited to online transactions, broadening your spending scope.

Lifetime Free Option – Financial Freedom Without Fees

One of the most attractive features of the Step Up Credit Card is its lifetime free option on select variants. This means no annual fees, reducing the overall cost of maintaining the card. It’s particularly appealing for those who are cost-conscious and wary of hidden charges often associated with credit cards.

Digital and Paperless Process – Effortless Application, Eco-Friendly Approach

The application process for the Step Up Credit Card epitomizes convenience. It’s completely online, requiring no physical documentation or visits to the bank. This not only makes the process quick and hassle-free but also aligns with the environmentally conscious values of modern consumers. The paperless process is a nod to the digital age, appealing to the tech-savvy, and those who appreciate efficiency.

Eligibility and Application Process

Step Up Credit Card
Source: Step Up Credit Card

Eligibility for the Step Up Credit Card revolves around basic KYC compliance and investment in a fixed deposit plan with SBM Bank. The process is straightforward: complete your digital KYC, invest in a selected fixed deposit plan, and get immediate access to your virtual card, followed by the delivery of the physical card.

How to Apply

Applying for the Step Up Credit Card is a seamless process:

  1. Fill in the online form with your KYC details.
  2. Upload your Aadhar document for digital KYC completion.
  3. Select and pay for your fixed deposit plan.
  4. Instantly access your virtual card.
  5. Receive your physical card at home.


Is the card linked to a fixed deposit?

Yes, it is secured against a fixed deposit with SBM Bank.

Is there an annual fee?

The card offers a lifetime free option on select variants.

Can I get the card with a low credit score?

Yes, it’s designed for those with low or no credit history.

How quickly can I start using the card?

You can start using the virtual card immediately after issuance.

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