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The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards for Students

Unlock the ultimate rewards experience tailored to your spending habits!

Dive into the world of customizable rewards and financial empowerment with this student-focused credit card! Designed to cater to the dynamic lifestyle of students, this card offers a unique blend of flexibility and benefits that make managing your finances both exciting and rewarding.

Whether you’re fueling up your car, grabbing a bite, or stocking up on school supplies, this card ensures you get the most out of every dollar spent.


  • Earn 3% cash back in a category of your choice, allowing you to maximize rewards on what matters most to you.
  • Enjoy extra rewards on everyday essentials, helping you save on your regular expenses.
  • Benefit from consistent rewards on all other purchases, ensuring every dollar counts.
  • Take advantage of a 0% intro APR for the first 15 billing cycles on purchases and balance transfers.
  • Enjoy the card’s numerous benefits without the burden of an annual fee.
  • Your cash back rewards never expire, giving you the flexibility to redeem them whenever you want.


  • There is a fee for transactions made outside of the United States.
  • Applicants need to have good credit to qualify, which might be challenging for some students.

This card is crafted for the modern student who seeks to make the most out of their everyday spending. If you’re a student balancing academics, part-time work, and an active social life, this card is your perfect match. It understands the unique financial challenges and opportunities you face, offering tailored rewards that align with your lifestyle.

Ideal for those who appreciate flexibility and value, this card is a fantastic choice for students aiming to build a solid financial foundation while enjoying immediate benefits. It’s designed for individuals who want to take control of their finances and earn rewards that truly reflect their personal spending habits.

With this card in your wallet, every purchase becomes an opportunity to maximize your rewards and pave the way for future financial success.

We love this card because it offers a level of customization that truly sets it apart. With the ability to choose your highest-earning rewards category, you can tailor the card to match your spending patterns perfectly. This flexibility ensures that you’re always getting the most out of your purchases, whether it’s on gas, dining, or online shopping.

Plus, the generous intro APR on purchases and balance transfers makes managing your finances easier and more affordable, especially for those unexpected expenses that can come up during student life.

Additionally, this card offers peace of mind with no annual fee and cash back rewards that never expire. It’s a card that grows with you, providing ongoing value and benefits as you navigate through your college years and beyond.

The straightforward rewards program makes it easy to understand and use, ensuring that you can focus on what’s important—your studies and enjoying your student experience—while still building a strong financial future.


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