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The BJ’s One+ Mastercard 

Earn rewards on everyday purchases and BJ’s shopping, maximizing savings and benefits.

BJ’s One+ Mastercard
BJ’s One+ Mastercard 
No annual fee Free FICO Score
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This credit card is tailored for individuals who frequent BJ’s Wholesale Club and want to maximize their savings. It offers a robust rewards program that allows cardholders to earn cash back on purchases both inside and outside of BJ’s stores.

With no annual fee, this card is a practical choice for those who regularly shop at BJ’s and wish to benefit from exclusive rewards and savings without extra costs. The card’s versatility extends beyond BJ’s purchases, offering rewards on everyday spending categories, making it a convenient option for maximizing savings and earning rewards on essential purchases.

Pros and Cons


  • Earn cash back on BJ’s purchases and other everyday spending, providing significant savings.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the card without incurring an annual cost.
  • Benefit from a promotional APR period on balance transfers and purchases.
  • Earn higher rewards rates for purchases made at BJ’s Wholesale Club.
  • Redeem cash back easily for statement credits or BJ’s rewards certificates.


  • Requires membership with BJ’s Wholesale Club to maximize benefits.

This credit card is ideal for frequent shoppers at BJ’s Wholesale Club, catering to individuals and families who regularly shop for groceries, household items, and more at BJ’s. If you’re someone who appreciates cash back rewards on everyday spending, especially on bulk purchases from BJ’s, this card offers substantial benefits. It’s designed for those looking to maximize their savings on essentials while enjoying the convenience of a credit card tailored to their shopping habits.

Moreover, this card appeals to individuals seeking a credit card without an annual fee, making it accessible for those looking to earn rewards without added costs. If you value straightforward redemption options and appreciate the flexibility of earning cash back, particularly on BJ’s purchases, this card aligns well with your spending preferences.

Whether you’re shopping for groceries, home goods, or electronics, this card is crafted to reward you for spending in categories that matter most to your budget.

We like this card because it’s well-suited for all regular BJ’s Wholesale Club shoppers who want to earn cash back on purchases made at BJ’s and other everyday spending categories. The ability to redeem cash back easily and the absence of an annual fee make it an attractive choice for individuals seeking to maximize their savings without incurring extra costs.

If you value convenience and enjoy earning rewards on essential purchases, such as groceries, household items, and fuel, this card provides an excellent opportunity to benefit from your routine spending.

With its straightforward rewards structure and practical benefits for BJ’s shoppers, this card offers a compelling option for those looking to optimize their budget and earn rewards on everyday necessities.

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