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The Discover it Student Cash Back

Consider this card if you're a student looking to earn cashback rewards while building credit.

Discover it Student Cash Back credit card
Discover it Student Cash Back
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Imagine having a credit card tailored specifically for students, offering cashback rewards and valuable benefits to support your financial journey. This credit card is designed to empower students with the opportunity to earn rewards on their everyday purchases while learning responsible credit management.

With features like cashback on rotating categories, a generous welcome bonus, and no annual fee, this card provides a perfect entry point into the world of credit for students seeking to build credit and earn rewards simultaneously. Whether you’re studying on campus or managing expenses as a young adult, this card is crafted to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by students in their financial lives.

Pros and Cons


  • Earn cashback on rotating categories such as dining, groceries, and gas.
  • Enjoy a generous welcome bonus after meeting spending requirements in the first few months.
  • No annual fee.
  • Helps students establish credit history with responsible use.
  • Access your FICO credit score for free to monitor your credit health.


  • Initial credit limit might be lower compared to other cards.
  • May incur fees for late payments.

This credit card is made for students who are looking to start building credit and earning rewards responsibly. It’s ideal for college students and young adults who want to establish a positive credit history while earning cashback on their everyday purchases.

The card’s features, including a welcome bonus and no annual fee, cater to students’ financial needs and offer valuable benefits that align with their lifestyle. Additionally, this card is suitable for students who value simplicity in rewards and are willing to actively manage rotating categories to maximize cash back earnings.

Overall, this card serves as a practical and rewarding tool for students embarking on their financial journey.

We like this credit card’s credit-building opportunity with valuable rewards. The cash back rewards on rotating categories provide a fun and rewarding way to earn money back on everyday purchases like dining out and grocery shopping.

The welcome bonus offers an exciting incentive to kickstart your credit journey, while the absence of an annual fee ensures you can enjoy rewards without added costs. Additionally, this card provides access to your FICO credit score for free, allowing you to monitor your credit health and progress over time.

If you’re looking for a credit card designed specifically for students that combines credit-building benefits with cashback rewards, this card is a great fit for your financial goals.

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