Fit Mastercard® Credit card, Initial Credit Limit of $400

Fit Mastercard card is built for individuals who have lost their financial footing and need to rebuild it. Apply now!

Cashback rewards with competitive APRs High Credit Limit
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The 2-month Introductory Purchase Rate of 0%. It means you won’t pay interest on your purchases anywhere from two to 24 months when you decide to make a purchase for the first time with the FIT Mastercard credit card in the U.S. The credit card is the perfect card for your needs if you want to:

• Pay your fitness club membership
• Access free clothing from Nike and Under Armour
• Renewing a lease on an apartment
• Rewards points, purchase protection and a 1% introductory APR.

FIT Mastercard is the only card that gives you access to all these benefits, plus more. Apply for your own FIT Mastercard card now, so you can enjoy what it has to offer!