Tomo Credit Card Mastercard

Tomo Credit Card is a prepaid card that offers users cashback, rewards and other benefits. It is available in four different designs to cater to different needs.

Tomo Credit Card Mastercard
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What are the benefits served by Tomo Credit Card? Interest percent-free installment fund is one of its main traits that few other credit cards offer today. Another unique feature of it is the capability to shop online with no transactions fees and collect points at multiple stores.

A Tomo Credit card which has proven it to be the best:

1 Receives a 5% discount on your purchases at Tomo’s partner stores.

2 Invests the money into a protected investment fund with a monthly interest income.

3 Earn interest from the protected fund even when you don’t have your Tomo credit card.

4 No annual fee. You keep control of your personal data and can cancel anytime.

People who use Tomo Pay try to build their credit card purchasing power by getting a myriad of benefits like higher reward points, daily interest rate upgrading and more.