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SoFi Credit Card Review

When you apply your cash back towards savings, investing, or paying off debts, you're making your rewards work even harder for you. 

SoFi Credit Card
Source: SoFi Credit Card

SoFi rocked the financial world with its banking and investment accounts, and won’t be different with their credit card. Meet the SoFi Credit Card! It dishes out a solid 2% unlimited cash back on purchases and a juicy 3% unlimited cash back on bookings, all without any pesky annual fees.

With SoFi, you’re getting straightforward rewards without the hassle. It’s like having a trusty sidekick in your wallet, always ready to dish out cash back on your spending adventures.

SoFi Credit Card
Unlimited 2% cash back No annual fee
Cash back rewards is just the beginning.
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Earning Rewards

Earning points with the SoFi credit card is easy. Earn unlimited 2% cash back on eligible purchases and unlimited 3% cash back on SoFi Travel bookings. With cash back awarded in the form of points, where 1 point equals 1 cent, it’s easy to keep track of your rewards. 

This straightforward structure eliminates the need to fret over bonus spending categories, expiration dates, or earning limits—making it the perfect fit for a card designed to simplify budgeting, saving, and investing.

Redeeming Rewards

Redeeming rewards with your SoFi credit card is easy, especially if your SoFi account is already set up online. To get the full 2% value, you have some options:

  • Apply your rewards towards paying down SoFi loans.
  • Transfer them to your SoFi Banking account.
  • Add them to your SoFi Invest balance.

Even if you don’t plan to keep your money within the SoFi ecosystem, you can still enjoy the full 2% rewards. Redeem your rewards into a SoFi Banking account, and you’re free to treat it like any other money in a checking account. Pay bills, withdraw cash from an ATM, or transfer funds electronically to another bank hassle-free.

SoFi Credit Card benefits

$0 Annual Fee

While numerous rewards cards tack on annual fees to cover the expenses of offering cash back, points, and miles, the SoFi Credit Card takes a different approach. Recognizing that these fees can be burdensome, this credit card comes with no annual fee, giving you the freedom to use it as you wish. Enjoy the perks without worrying about extra costs—it’s that simple!

Mastercard benefits

The SoFi Credit Card isn’t just any Mastercard credit card—it’s a World Elite Mastercard, and it’s fee-free! Dive into a world of exclusive perks, from discounts on streaming services to upgrades on hotels, flights, and rental cars. Enjoy VIP concierge service, ID theft protection, zero liability fraud protection, emergency assistance, and much more. It’s like having a passport to luxury and security, all without the extra charges.

No foreign transaction fees

Have peace of mind knowing there are no foreign transaction fees when you use your card abroad. Whether you’re exploring exotic destinations or jet-setting for business, you can enjoy the convenience of making purchases without worrying about additional fees. It’s a hassle-free way to manage your expenses while traveling internationally, giving you more peace of mind to focus on your adventures.

SoFi perks

When you get approved for the SoFi credit card or any of their other financial products, you automatically become a SoFi member. And let me tell you, being a SoFi member comes with some awesome perks that go beyond just what’s offered with the card.

Loan discounts

As a SoFi Credit Card member, you unlock fantastic loan discounts. That means you could snag lower interest rates on various SoFi loan products like personal loans, student loan refinancing, mortgages, and more. Imagine paying less in interest and keeping more money in your pocket—now that’s something to get excited about! 

No expiring cash back

Say goodbye to the stress of expiring cash back rewards! With the SoFi Credit Card, your cash back never expires, giving you the freedom to redeem your rewards whenever it suits you best. You can rest assured that your hard-earned cash back will always be there when you need it.

Digital Wallet Availability

With compatibility with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, making payments has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying your wallet everywhere you go!

Who can apply?

Ready to elevate your financial game? The SoFi Credit Card could be your golden ticket! With a required credit score of at least 690, if you’re 18 years or older and reside in the U.S., this card is within your reach. Don’t wait any longer—seize the opportunity to unlock a world of tailored rewards and perks! Apply now and embark on a journey towards financial freedom and excitement!

How to apply?

SoFi Credit Card
Source: SoFi Credit Card

Applying for a SoFi Credit Card is easier than you think:

  1. Go to the SoFi website and look for SoFi Credit Card
  2. Click on Apply Now
  3. Read Terms and Conditions
  4. Fill your personal and financial details
  5. Submit your application

Frequently asked questions

Is the SoFi Credit Card a real credit card?

Absolutely! The SoFi Credit Card is the real deal and can be used anywhere Mastercard credit cards are accepted. 

Is the SoFi Credit Card available to international applicants?

The availability of the SoFi Credit Card to international applicants may vary. It’s recommended to check with SoFi directly for specific eligibility requirements based on your location.

How can I increase my credit limit?

If you are eligible, you can request a credit limit increase online, on the other hand, you can do it by calling the number located on the back of your credit card.

What is the credit limit on SoFi Credit Card?

Your credit limit will likely be based on your creditworthiness.

SoFi Credit Card
Unlimited 2% cash back No annual fee
Cash back rewards is just the beginning.
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