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If maximizing your savings during your routine shopping is your goal, then prepare to be thrilled by this offer! Rewards Mastercard
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A remarkable 5% cashback on your purchases at, grocery stores, and restaurants! Yes, you heard it correctly! And here’s the best part – this offer comes with no annual fee! So not only are you saving money on your purchases, but you’re also avoiding fees altogether!

If you’re someone who frequents Amazon for your shopping needs (let’s face it, who doesn’t these days?), this deal is tailor-made for you! And the icing on the cake? There are no income prerequisites! Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or a seasoned shopper, this card Rewards Mastercard is designed with you in mind! Rewards Mastercard
CREDIT CARD Rewards Mastercard
No annual fee Plus earn 5% back
Get the best of shopping on a single card

Earning Rewards

The Rewards Mastercard is all about recognizing your spending habits with rewarding returns. The more you swipe, the more you earn in rewards – it’s as straightforward as that! Now, let’s dissect the details for you:

You’ll earn:

  • 1% back on eligible purchases at grocery stores and restaurants.
  • 1.5% back when shopping at or Whole Foods Market.
  • 1% back on foreign currency transactions.

But hold onto your hats because here’s where it gets really thrilling – for Prime members, that 1.5% rate at and Whole Foods Market escalates to an impressive 2.5%! Plus, brace yourself for a whopping 2.5% back on foreign transactions too!

Redeeming Rewards

Discover the enchanting mechanics of the MBNA Rewards Mastercard! Instead of receiving cold hard cash, this gem showers you with points. And let me tell you, these points are akin to precious golden nuggets awaiting redemption for delightful rewards!

For every 100 points, you’re essentially securing $1 worth of gift card value. But here’s the pièce de résistance. Once you accumulate 2,000 points, MBNA will effortlessly convert those points into a gleaming $20 gift card! It’s akin to a small reward for showcasing your astute spending skills! Rewards Mastercard benefits


Say goodbye to tiresome annual fees and welcome an abundance of perks with the Rewards Mastercard! This marvel lets you ditch those irritating extra costs and revel in an uninterrupted flow of cashback rewards. It’s like being rewarded simply for living your life!

Welcome Bonus

Prepare to launch into your rewards adventure with an astounding introductory offer from the Rewards Mastercard! During the initial 6 months, indulge in an impressive 5% cashback in Amazon Rewards for transactions conducted at and Whole Foods Markets, up to $3,000 in spending. Don’t hesitate—indulge in your shopping desires and witness those rewards accumulate!


Secure tranquility with the inclusion of not one, but two complimentary insurance benefits with this credit card. Bask in the assurance of an extended warranty spanning a full year, providing additional coverage beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, benefit from 90 days of purchase protection, safeguarding your acquisitions from harm or theft during the initial three months following purchase.

Rewards on foreign transactions

Prepare for an abundance of rewards as you explore new horizons! The Rewards Mastercard offers additional benefits on foreign currency transactions: Prime members receive an impressive 2.5% cashback, while non-Prime members still enjoy a respectable 1% cashback.

No expiring points

The rewards offered by the Rewards Mastercard endure gracefully, akin to the maturation of fine wine. This bestows upon you the authority to redeem them according to your preference. Delight in the freedom to utilize your rewards at any time and in any manner you see fit, heightening the enjoyment of each transaction!

Save on rental cars

Embark on your journey and pocket substantial savings with the Rewards Mastercard! When you utilize this card for rentals from Avis Rent A Car or Budget Rent A Car, you’ll relish a minimum discount of 10% off base rental rates within Canada and at least 5% off in the United States.

MBNA payment plan

You now have the option to divide qualifying purchases of $100 or more into monthly installments. Select from payment plan durations of 6, 12, or 18 months, customizing your payments to suit your financial constraints and lifestyle.

Rental car insurance

Enjoy tranquility during your rental escapades with the Rewards Mastercard! Simply charge the entire rental car expense to your card and receive coverage for up to 31 days. Drive without apprehension, assured that you’re safeguarded throughout every mile of your journey!

Who can apply? Rewards Mastercard
Source: Rewards Mastercard

To obtain the Rewards Mastercard, you must be a resident of Canada and have reached the legal age of majority in your province or territory. Additionally, remember to possess or establish an Amazon account before applying.

Regarding credit scores, Canadian issuers typically maintain confidentiality about them. However, as a rule of thumb, the higher your score, the greater your likelihood of approval, irrespective of the type of credit you seek. Therefore, strive for excellence, and you’ll swiftly be on the path to accessing rewards with this card!

How to apply?

Applying for a Rewards Mastercard is easier than you think:

  1. Go to the website and look for Rewards Mastercard
  2. Click on Apply Now
  3. Read Terms and Conditions
  4. Fill your personal and financial details
  5. Submit your application

Frequently asked questions

Is there a foreign transaction fee for using the Rewards Mastercard abroad?

Yes, there is a foreign transaction fee associated with using this card for purchases made in foreign currencies.

Are there any annual fees for the Rewards Mastercard?

No, there are no annual fees for this card.

How can I increase my credit limit?

If you are eligible, you can request a credit limit increase online, on the other hand, you can do it by calling the number located on the back of your credit card.

What is the credit limit?

Your credit limit will likely be based on your creditworthiness. Rewards Mastercard
CREDIT CARD Rewards Mastercard
No annual fee Plus earn 5% back
Get the best of shopping on a single card

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