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Student BMO CashBack Mastercard Review

Experience the freedom of a premium card without the annual fee with the BMO CashBack Mastercard. 

Student BMO CashBack Mastercard
Source: Student BMO CashBack Mastercard

Tailored exclusively for students, this card is your ultimate companion, packed with perks to fuel your student journey. Imagine earning cash back while you navigate through your studies, social gatherings, and memorable moments. With the BMO CashBack Mastercard, you’re in control of your rewards destiny. Bid farewell to fees and embrace the freedom to cash in on rewards whenever you choose.

Don’t wait any longer to embark on this incredible student adventure with the BMO CashBack Mastercard. Your future deserves to shine with rewards and excitement, so let’s make it happen together!

Student BMO CashBack Mastercard
Student BMO CashBack Mastercard
Get up to 5% cash back $0 annual fee
Earn more on groceries and get cash back for all kinds of purchases

Earning Rewards

Earning rewards with the BMO CashBack Mastercard for students is a breeze! Enjoy a generous 3% cash back on your monthly grocery purchases, up to $500, making saving on essentials exhilarating.

But that’s not all! Earn 1% cash back on all recurring bill payments, lightening the load on your monthly expenses, with a limit of $500 per month.

Plus, every other purchase earns you a cool 0.5% cash back. Whether it’s your morning coffee or a cozy movie night in, each swipe brings you closer to unlocking more rewards.

Redeeming Rewards

With the BMO CashBack Mastercard, you’re in control of how and when you redeem your rewards, and the options are nothing short of exciting!

  • Multiple Redemption Methods: Enjoy three dynamic ways to claim your rewards:
  1. Direct deposit into your BMO chequing account for instant access.
  2. Transfer to your BMO InvestorLine account for smart investing.
  3. Apply as a statement credit on your credit card bill, simplifying your payments.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: With this card, you have a range of possibilities:
  1. Redeem monthly to keep your rewards flowing regularly.
  2. Opt for an annual redemption for a larger payout.
  3. Claim rewards when you reach a specified level, starting at just $25.
  4. Choose an on-demand lump sum payment, with a minimum starting at just $1.

Student BMO CashBack Mastercard benefits


Embrace a world of rewards without worrying about additional expenses! The BMO CashBack Mastercard for students comes with no annual fee, ensuring you enjoy all the perks and benefits without any extra cost. No more hidden charges, but a fee-free future with the BMO CashBack Mastercard—because when it comes to maximizing rewards, nothing beats a $0 annual fee!

Welcome offer

Experience the thrill of earning an impressive 5% cash back on your purchases for the first 3 months. Whether you’re investing in study essentials, pampering yourself with a break, or pursuing your hobbies, every dollar spent brings you closer to fantastic rewards. When it comes to rewards, the journey begins with an incredible 5% cash back!

Save on Cirque Du Soleil

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Cirque du Soleil for less with the BMO CashBack Mastercard! Enjoy a 15% discount on touring shows across Canada and a 20% discount on resident shows in Las Vegas. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – experience the magic of Cirque du Soleil and save big with BMO!

Free additional cardholder

Boost your rewards by inviting someone to join your card at zero additional expense! Through this remarkable capability, you can distribute the advantages of cash back rewards, adaptable redemption opportunities, and beyond, simplifying the coordination of your finances in tandem.

Purchase protection

When you wield the BMO CashBack Mastercard designed for students, it’s more than just a credit card – it’s your shield against the uncertainties of shopping. With every transaction, rest assured that you’re shielded from theft, loss, or damage for a specified duration post-purchase. Feel empowered knowing your purchases are safeguarded while you navigate the world of student finances.

Save on rental cars

Unlock exclusive discounts of up to 25% on rentals at designated National Car Rental and Alamo Car Rental outlets with the BMO CashBack Mastercard tailored for students. Whether embarking on a weekend escapade or a cross-country journey with companions, your BMO CashBack Mastercard serves as your gateway to accessing unparalleled bargains on car rentals.

Travel Benefits

Though primarily crafted with students in mind, certain BMO Mastercards may extend travel perks including travel insurance, rental car collision damage waivers, and access to airport lounges. It’s prudent to verify the precise benefits affiliated with your individual card.

Who can apply?

Student BMO CashBack Mastercard
Source: Student BMO CashBack Mastercard

To seize this remarkable opportunity, you must fulfill several criteria:

  • Age Range: Your age should fall between 18 and 24 years old. However, if you haven’t attained the age of majority in your province—typically 19 years old—this is perfectly acceptable.
  • Student Status: You must presently be enrolled in a post-secondary institution recognized by BMO. Whether you’re pursuing a degree, diploma, or certification, as long as you’re actively engaged in your studies, you qualify to apply.
  • Income Requirement: While dedicating yourself to your studies, it’s also essential to have some form of income. This could originate from employment, scholarships, grants, student loans, or even financial support from your family.
  • Application Process: For international students, applying can be done by visiting a BMO branch. Conversely, if you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can conveniently apply online¹ for added ease.

With these prerequisites fulfilled, you’re ready to embark on a journey towards financial autonomy and enriching experiences with the BMO CashBack Mastercard tailored for students!

How to apply?

Applying for a Student BMO CashBack Mastercard is easier than you think:

  1. Go to the BMO website and look for Student BMO CashBack Mastercard
  2. Click on Apply Now
  3. Read Terms and Conditions
  4. Fill your personal and financial details
  5. Submit your application

Frequently asked questions

How can Canadian citizens and permanent residents apply for the Student BMO CashBack Mastercard?

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can conveniently apply online.

How can international students apply for the Student BMO CashBack Mastercard?

International students can apply by visiting a BMO branch.

How can I access my Student BMO CashBack Mastercard account online?

Cardholders can easily manage their account online through the BMO Online Banking portal or the BMO Mobile Banking app.

Are there any fees associated with the Student BMO CashBack Mastercard?

No, the Student BMO CashBack Mastercard does not have an annual fee.

Student BMO CashBack Mastercard
Student BMO CashBack Mastercard
Get up to 5% cash back $0 annual fee
Earn more on groceries and get cash back for all kinds of purchases

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