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The Tangerine Money-Back

Tailor your rewards to fit your lifestyle with the Tangerine Money-Back—earn cash back on what matters most to you.

Tangerine Money-back
Tangerine Money-Back
Annual fee $0 Money-Back Unlimited
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This credit card is a versatile and rewarding choice for Canadian consumers looking to earn cash back on their everyday spending. It stands out with its unique feature of customizable rewards categories, allowing cardholders to select up to three spending categories where they can earn higher cash back rates.

Whether you frequently shop for groceries, dine out, or make recurring bill payments, you can tailor your cash back rewards to match your lifestyle. In addition to its flexible rewards structure, it offers no annual fee, making it an accessible option for those seeking to maximize rewards without additional costs.

Pros & Cons


  • Choose up to three spending categories to earn higher cash back rates based on your preferences.
  • No Annual Fee.
  • Redeem your cash back at any time with no minimum redemption threshold.
  • Add authorized users to your account at no extra cost.
  • Benefit from purchase protection and extended warranty coverage.


  • Limited insurance included.
  • Tangerine is not as widely accepted internationally compared to major credit card networks.

It is crafted for Canadian consumers who seek simplicity and value in their credit card rewards. This card appeals to individuals who want to earn cash back on everyday purchases without the hassle of rotating categories or annual fees.

It’s ideal for those who appreciate flexibility, as the card allows you to choose up to three spending categories where you’ll earn higher cash back rates based on your preferences. This customization makes it well-suited for individuals with diverse spending habits, whether they prioritize groceries, dining, recurring bills, or other common expenses.

Moreover, the card is a great fit for those who want to maximize their rewards effortlessly. With no minimum redemption threshold and the ability to redeem cash back at any time, cardholders have the flexibility to use their rewards when and how they want.

Overall, this card caters to Canadians who appreciate straightforward rewards, financial flexibility, and the opportunity to earn cash back on their everyday purchases without complexity or unnecessary fees.

This credit card is an appealing choice for those seeking a straightforward and rewarding credit card experience. One key feature that sets this card apart is its customizable rewards categories. You can select up to three spending categories where you’ll earn higher cash back rates, allowing you to maximize rewards on purchases that matter most to you.

Another reason to like this card is its no annual fee policy. This means you can enjoy cash back rewards without worrying about additional costs. Additionally, the card offers hassle-free redemption options with no minimum redemption threshold, giving you the freedom to use your cash back whenever you choose.

If you value simplicity, affordability, and the ability to earn rewards on everyday spending, it is an excellent choice that can enhance your financial well-being.

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