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The Walmart Rewards Mastercard

Benefit from an extensive rewards program, offering cash back on daily purchases and exclusive perks for Walmart shoppers.

Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Earn big rewards No annual fee
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Introducing the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, your gateway to unlocking valuable benefits and rewards every time you shop at Walmart and This credit card is designed for savvy shoppers who want to maximize their savings and earn cash back effortlessly. With cash back on, in-store Walmart, gas station and on your every purchase, you can turn everyday spending into valuable rewards.

Plus, there’s no annual fee, making it a practical choice for anyone looking to boost their rewards while shopping at Walmart. Experience the convenience of cash back rewards deposited directly into your account, ready to use like cash, with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard.

Pros & Cons


  • Earn up to 1.25% cash back.
  • No Annual Fee.
  • Earn $45 in Walmart Dollars.
  • Split larger purchases into six equal installments.
  • Get free two-day shipping on eligible items.


  • Rewards can only be used in Walmart stores.
  • The card may have a relatively high APR

The rewards program associated with this card is particularly advantageous for those who frequent Walmart stores and, offering cash back benefits that extend to everyday purchases, gas station transactions, and more. This card is especially appealing to individuals seeking to maximize their rewards specifically at Walmart, making it an excellent choice for those who regularly shop there for groceries, household essentials, electronics, and other everyday items.

What sets this card apart is its simplicity and the absence of an annual fee, catering to customers who value straightforward rewards without the burden of extra costs. If you prioritize shopping at Walmart for your daily necessities and want a hassle-free way to earn cash back on those purchases, this card is tailored to meet your needs and enhance your shopping experience.

We appreciate the benefits of this cash back rewards program designed with Walmart shoppers in mind. When you use this card, you’ll earn cash back on all your purchases at and in Walmart stores, giving you value and convenience in one package.

The rewards you earn are deposited directly into your account, ready to be used like cash, simplifying your shopping experience at Walmart.

Furthermore, the absence of an annual fee makes this card a practical choice for those looking to earn rewards on their everyday Walmart purchases without any additional costs. It’s a straightforward way to maximize the value of your shopping trips and enjoy the perks of a rewards program tailored to your needs.

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